Head Master

Everything about Dr. George Roos

  • A Unique Childhood
    Nothing Beats the Origin

    She grew up in a doctor’s family that spoke several languages. She was a consistent topnotcher in her classes. She was in the top ten of Phil. Science incoming scholars in 1965. She studied three years of German at Phil. Science High School, making it easier to vie for a place in the University of Tubingen to study medicine.

  • Always a Fighter
    Never Back Down
  • Homecoming
    Epic Comeback

    After 35 years in Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden and Finland, Dr. Roos took a sabbatical in 2002 , and decided to retire with her husband in the Philippines. She established GEM-Language School in 2008 as the first TESDA-accredited Finnish Language School in the country. Here the first 64 OR-Nurses as well as the first 17 cooks sent to Finland trained under her. She also taught French to Canada-bound immigrants.

  • Brave New Frontier
  • Language is Her Thing
    Communication Prodigy
  • A Discovery begins a Great School to Look For
    Quality Teaching

    She is also currently a licensed TELC B2-level German examiner as well as a TELC Medical German Examiner. Her penchant for teaching began in Switzerland when she helped Kenyan and Chilean refugees in Switzerland by tutoring them with German.

    In 2007, when the need arose to bring Filipino nurses to Finland, Dr. Roos joined the morning class of nurses being taught by a native-Finnish teacher in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato. Immediately in the afternoon, Dr.Roos taught the same lessons to the afternoon class, because the Finnish teacher was too tired.

    The result confounded even the Finnish teacher: The students taught by Dr. Roos fared so much better than those taught by the native speaker!!!

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