Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Perks of being a GERMAN CITIZEN?

Free Education up to University with FREE books. (in GERMANY, EDUCATION is FREE)

Student Loans (Given by banks to students for their living cost while studying that is payable in 30 years for less than 1% interest rates )

2- year maternity leave

Children get monthly allowance from 1 yr old to 16 yr old

1st child – 95 Euro (Php 5,890.00)

2nd child – 105 Euro (Php 6,510.00)

3rd child– 134 Euro (Php 8,308.00)

4th child– 153 Euro (Php 9486.00)

Subsidized Kindergarten, Pre-school (Children from 2 years is eligible for highly financed Government education. Complete Health Care coverage)

If mother is single parent, she will get financial support from the government. (53 euros; Php 3,180 per child)

Complete Health Care

Unemployment benefits (90% of your last salary as paycheck for 2 years given weekly or every 2 weeks.)

Pension benefits

Can petition the rest of the family

Easy travel to USA, Canada, Russia, etc.