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Way back 2010, I had already been hearing a lot of stuff about life in Germany. Some of my friends say that work and life in Germany are truly magnificent. It’s all about benefits of working, living and having a family. But never did I dream of working in Germany, one more thing one must speak the language. Oh! Come on.. this is truly a disaster! So what’s truly on my mind is working in UK. I started to do the UK application, it never fail then, all of a sudden there is just this something which I can’t truly explain and God lead me to this path where should I truly belong...

This is how I started...

The agency for UK application where I applied had already interviewed me together with the employers, I pass on this interview, all I need is just the exam and the hard copies of my requirements. So the next day, I went back to pass the documents. It just so happened that they were closed at that time because they were processing something in partnership for a school for IELTS review. So I have to come back for the next day. As I went home, this agency is just somewhere across Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, so I cross the street because I want to stroll somewhere in Fuente Osmena.

As I pass by BF paray Building, I saw this Tarpaulin written “GERMANY NEEDS NURSES’ GERMANY NEEDS YOU!” So I told myself.. “Hiring pala ang Germany?” So I went inside the building and inquire. When I saw the school I was like... “Huh! School ba to? Bakit ganito? The room is renovated, but walls are only made with woods and the room is not that thing that you expect for. I told myself “SCAM ATA TO!”.. hahaha. But I did really inquire and told me the process. But I am still not certain because you know you can’t just believe into something right then and there. I also I asked how much am I going to pay so that I could join the class on the next day. So here comes my first teacher Sir Pol, and told me at least 2k. I don’t have 2k on hand, I asked if it’s okay for 1k, and I promised to pay the remaining balance soon, and that was 11 th of April 2016.

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March 2019 Passers

Another GEM product is closer to her German dreams.

Congratulation Mr. Elmer Grampon for passing....

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